Thursday, February 24, 2011

Warby Parker

Warby Parker is an online boutique eyeglass shop that I first noticed from a writeup in some magazine. WP was featured as the "Netflix" of eyeglass companies due to their "try at home" program - you pick up to 5 frames and they'll send them to you, free of charge, to try on. Return those, and either buy a set... or not. No charge. If you pick a pair, the TOTAL for your set of glasses is $95 SHIPPED. Seriously, try to get anything for $95 at Lenscrafters.

You can't. You really, really can't. Not frames AND lenses. Certainly not frames, high-index lenses, and all the coatings you'd want. My high-index prescription alone at Lenscrafters is around $500... and that brings me to the next part about WP: The lenses I've had from WP have been the best, most accurately ground I've ever had. They carry a 1-year scratch warranty, too - if you need the glasses or lenses fixed, they'll send you a UPS label and repair or replace your glasses. No issues at all. Oh, and those frames? Those independently designed and manufactured frames? QUALITY. Seriously, rock solid and beautifully constructed.

All of the above sounds killer and great, but there's one thing that really, really sets them apart from almost every company I've ever dealt with for anything - their customer service. I've had a few dealings with their service department due to a couple of mistakes (one on my end in my original set of glasses and one on their end) and also to handle some questions and warranty service, and they've been incredible. They respond rapidly to make everything right and take responsibility for their product, work, and their reputation.

I can't recommend them highly enough. If you wear glasses, you owe it to yourself to check this company out.


  1. How do you try on frames? Do they have a virtual try-on tool or something?

  2. You give them a CC#, and they drop ship up to 5 frames in a nice box to you. Mine arrived pretty quickly.