Friday, February 26, 2010

Jenny McCarthy is a moron.

You know, sometimes I feel like I might not say things quite clearly enough, so allow me to clarify my title, please... Jenny McCarthy is a clueless, vapid piece of shit that has caused the death and disfigurement of children. She does this by convincing parents that vaccines are dangerous... and what's the backing of her claim? Really? From Time Magazine's interview with her this week, here are her words:
Later, when Oprah read a comment from the CDC stating that the vast majority of the science to date did not support her assertion, McCarthy replied, "My science is Evan. He's at home. That's my science."
Hey Jenny.... here's MY fucking science. FOURTEEN studies which show there is NO LINK between the horrors you describe and vaccines. Here's some science which shows that measles is on the rise. But that won't affect YOUR special kid, right? After all, HE's SCIENCEY! That's SO AWESOME. Oh hey, Jenny! Look, another study showing efficacy and safety! And wait, what's this? Another study??? OH MY GOD!!

See, here's the thing- either Jenny McCarthy is right, because she learned it from her son who has some sort of vague issues that aren't really well defined, or she's full of shit and a complete fucktard. I tend to believe it's likely to be the latter of the two choices, personally. I don't think there's much room for it to be anything else.

See, science works like this, Jenny: hypothesis -> testing -> evaluation -> did it work? If yes, RETEST WITH LARGER SAMPLES. -> if no, start over. if yes, RETEST AGAIN WITH INDEPENDENT VERIFICATION AND PUBLISH. -> can your results be replicated and do they hold up to peer scrutiny? If yes, continue on this line of research. If no, START OVER.

Or.... we could try option B, which is... your son. Who is kinda weird. And maybe not very smart... but you're acting surprised by that? YOU ARE A FUCKING MORON. What did you expect, that you'd have Einstein for a kid?

I can't think of many other celebrities with a verifiable body count. I guess Jenny has that going for her.


  1. aroodig4:38 PM

    I don't know too much about the verifiable body counts (although many politicians fashion themselves as celebrities), but celebrities focus attention on stuff, for good or ill. Sometimes they can do great things; I just learned that Hannah Storm is raising awareness for a disfiguring vascular birth defect, for example. I wouldn't have learned about this otherwise, I don't think.

    It's just unfortunate that many of them seem to be putting their ability to influence ahead of their responsibility. I respect that she believes these things, but my respect stops when this is the best argument that she can put forward via her celebrity, especially since the main supposition has been poked full of holes.

    It's not just her, though. I don't really buy that she's some sort of dictator forcing people to believe this. People base their decisions on what feels to be a sufficient level of credibility. People that just follow McCarthy are loons, but when you have the media presenting it as though it was an even-sided debate, you have people thinking that there's a strong foundation in it, like these were two opposing philosophies.

    Vaccines are weird things, there are irritants in them that help stimulate immune reactions, and some of those, if they were in large doses, would be poisons. But people would rather worry about that than the heavy metals you'd get in a can of tuna.

    It helps that the voices of opposition are stronger now. I hope more kids will be spared preventable death or health damage based on a hunch.

  2. lol, did you see her article on her life making sense now because she found our her Aura is Indigo? Nice!

  3. I love how that dumb bitch and other moron parents are finding ways to send their disease carrying/prone, host-children to school. Now they can sit next to our kids. All the while, the viruses festering in their unprotected bodies try to figure out new strands to RE-INFECT our entire nation... O wait, that's right! It's not just this country but the ENTIRE WORLD.

    Look I don't mind your stupidity killing you, but try not to take us all out with your ignorance. How does she even make it on news shows? Interviewing her is like asking a junkie, one syringe away from death, what his favorite color is... Ugh. It's not surprising I haven't seen her on BBC. I'm sure she makes more appearances on FOX. They like to pretend they're reporting news. Did you guys see that thing about people who watch Fox are actually less informed, than people who don't watch news at all?