Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Skeptic's Circle 96

Right then. Before you go any farther, a few words about this edition-

I am posting EVERYTHING that was submitted. No filter. In fact, as I write this, I'm visiting each of these submissions for the very first time. You see, my life has taken a turn for the Really Frickin' Busy, and I completely blew my duties in terms of asking for submissions last week. Sure, I was in Houston at one point fixing a network that was killed by a little storm, but whatever. The circle must go on, right?

First up is a post at PodBlack Cat featuring an interview from the coming-soon and sure-to-be-entertaining-and-informative SkepticZone. Click here to visit and check out the video. In their words:
"the following segment is from an interview I did for the soon-to-be-launched podcast/vodcast The Skeptic Zone! Our site at will be running from Friday, September 26th and I was proud to have this interview out of the many I filmed selected for the first show."

Next, a poem.
Now, please understand that I tend to cringe when I hear the word "poem". It reminds me entirely too much of my teenage self, my black trenchcoat, my Cure posters, and my assortment of notebooks filled with words which loosely could be called poetry (if you REALLY wanted to call them that - mostly they were self-absorbed crap, but whatever). This post is awesome. No, seriously, go read it. Click here and read it OUT LOUD to a coworker. To top it off, the blog is called The Digital Cuttlefish. Cuttlefish rock.

Seth Manapio brings us two posts from his wonderfully named blog, "Whiskey Before Breakfast". First is "They Have Us Surrounded", which seems to include... another poem. If we have to start writing poetry in order to blog, I quit. (it's actually only a part of a post, the rest of his post is hysterically good - as is the poem. Go read it.) His second post, "Outflanked. Again." takes a balanced look at a weird situation in England that's been blown out of proportion by everyone everywhere. Except by me. Because I haven't paid any attention to it. Of course.

I can't say anything that would intro the next blog's submissions other than... great name. The Perky Skeptic writes perkily over a series of things. This first post deals with the mindset of magical thinkers and fear. Second up and Third up are posts regarding a single topic, the actual harm caused by astrology. These are both must-reads, and are written from the very real perspective of a lady whose father was an actual professional astrologer. (professional astrologer.... eek.)

Evolving Mind tackles the subject of.... swimming with dolphins. No, seriously. Go read it. :)

Greta Christina is one of my favorite bloggers. She tackles the subjects of life, sexuality, and reality with a clarity that's astounding. You may know her from her older post, Atheists and Anger. That's NOT the submitted post, but it's a must-read and an absolute favorite of mine. Pardon me while I pause to read her new submissions to the circle. Ah, they're a two-post single submission, I see. Here is part one, and here is part two. Ahh.. "The Top Ten Reasons I Don't Believe in God", parts one and two. Good stuff, Greta. Very, very good stuff. #5 and #10 are my favorites, but I kept nodding while reading. Lots of great links and information in both posts, as well.

ACTION SKEPTICS chimes in with a great post called The Appeal to Metaphysics. (Yeah, I know, the real title of the site isn't capitalized BUT come on, it's ACTION! SKEPTICS!!!) Anyone that can use the word "busybodies" in a serious manner gets my thumbs-up, I have to add.

Next up, Skeptics Play uses a book review to discuss the concept of false memories. I like the tie-in of science and popular culture in this post, and I like the idea of using the movie as a reason to discuss the science.

I really like the name of this blog- The Bay of Fundie. It sounds... FUN. I know, that's not his intent, but what fun is the world if you take the FUN out of fundamentals? I think it's a BORING world.. because you get... damentals. Sounds like a bad 1990's rap/rock XTREME act, eh? SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!! DAMENTALS appearing LIVE with SPECIAL GUESTS LIMP BIZKIT!!!! Wait... where was I? Oh yes, the article. Go read this wonderful little write-up, in which Bay of Fundie skewers a creationist trying hard not to learn anything. As a bonus, you get the opening to The Six Million Dollar Man. How much better could it get?

AND FINALLY, one of my personal faves, Bing from Happy Jihad's House of Pancakes chimes in with a great post about... well, as he puts it in his submission entry:
"It's about...I have no idea. It's about the weirdest damned thing I have heard of in a while. It's TimeCube stupid."

Whew. That's it. Thanks for coming out to the circle here at Endcycle. Take a look around before you leave - you might like what you see. :)

For more information about the Skeptic Circles, check out Circular Reasoning. Here's the schedule and other information.


  1. A quickie, perhaps - but a fine sampling. Sorry I forgot to join the fun, but I'm busy being lazy and watching strange politics...

    Anyone mention science on either side of the border, yet? Didn't think so. *sigh*

  2. I'm gonna check out some o the Posts mentioned*

    Thx + Peace* ;))